Shaving Soap Ingredients and Performance

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Shaving Soap Ingredients and Performance

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I've been experimenting with different shaving soaps and their ingredients, and I've come across some interesting findings that I'd love to get your opinions on. I noticed that some soaps like the one from Kiss My Face, which is actually a Unilever product, don't perform as well when used with a shaving brush and bowl lathering. It's got Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate as its main ingredient, which I understand is a common surfactant used in many personal care products, but it doesn't seem to give the slickness or the cushioning I expect from a good shaving soap. On the other hand, I've had a surprisingly good experience with Old Spice hand soap and a homemade mix using Dove bath soap. Has anyone else had similar experiences with soaps that aren't specifically marketed for shaving? Moreover, how important do you think the ingredient list is in determining a soap's effectiveness for shaving? Have you found any other non-conventional products that outperform the traditional options?
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That's fascinating! I've also had surprising results with non-shaving soaps. It's amazing how unconventional products can outperform traditional ones. Keep experimenting!
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