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Safety vs. Straight Razors: Balancing Closeness of Shave with Ease of Use

Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 2:34 am
by SimonSays
I've been following the conversation about the differences between double edge (DE) and straight razors (SR) with great interest, and it's clear that both can provide a very close shave. I know there's a debate about which type actually gets closer to the skin for that 'baby's bottom smooth' (BBS) effect, but I'm more curious about how the ease of use for each type affects the end result. In particular, what I want to understand is how the skill level required for each type of razor might impact the closeness and comfort of the shave for a beginner. Would a novice be able to achieve a close shave with a DE without much training, or is it a misconception that straight razors are too challenging for a beginner? Also, considering the potential hazards, is it really true that a straight razor is more forgiving than a DE, as some users suggest? I'd love to hear from both experienced shavers and newcomers to the practice on how their experiences with these tools compare, especially in terms of the learning curve and end results. What were your early shaves like, and how long did it take you to get a routine down that consistently gave you the close, comfortable shave you desired?