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Longevity and Performance of Zamak vs. Premium Material Razors

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2016 9:51 am
by OliverOutdoors
I've been noticing a lot of discussion on the various materials used in safety razors, particularly zamak versus materials like stainless steel or brass. Given that razors like the Merkur 34c have proven to last with proper care, I'm curious about everyone's experiences with the longevity and performance differences between zamak razors and those made from more premium materials. Is the investment in a more expensive razor justified by a noticeable difference in shave quality and durability, or have you found that with meticulous maintenance, zamak razors can stand the test of time nearly as well? Also, for anyone who has used both, have you observed any specific distinctions in the shaving experience itself that would warrant choosing one material over the other, aside from the obvious longevity benefits?